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Eco-Friendly Pens and Environmentally Friendly Pens

Eco Pens

Eco Pens are a great option to give a green, eco-friendly gift.

Barrel made from 100% recycled cartons.
Superior regular refill
2200m writing distance
Pad print

Unity Bamboo Pen

Natural bamboo barrel and upper. Polished chrome brass trims and metal clip. Presented in a natural bamboo gift box.
Fitted with a genuine Schmidt ultra-distance refill from Germany.
10000m writing distance
Laser engraving
Pad print

Unity Bamboo Pen Eco Friendly Product

Engraved Bamboo Pen

Unity Bamboo Pen & Pencil Set

Natural bamboo barrels and uppers. Polished chrome brass trims and metal clip. Presented in a natural bamboo gift box.
Pen fitted with a genuine Schmidt ultra-distance refill from Germany. Pencil with break-resistant 0.9mm HB lead.
10000m writing distance
Laser engraving
Pad print

Eco Friendy Unity Bamboo Pen and Pencil Set

Bamboo and Brass Pens

The eco-friendly bamboo and brass pen is a fantastic choice for eco living. These beautiful corporate gift pens are great environmentally friendly products for the office. With their sleek, stylish design these pens make fantastic gifts ideas and they can be branded with an engraving on either the bamboo or brass part of the pen. This pen is avaliable in a ballpoint pen (top image) or rollerball pen (bottom image) option.
(BP3012 & BP3013)

Bamboo and Brass eco friendly pens

Verve Ecological Pens

The Verve Eco-Logical Pen is made from 100% biodegradable & compostable plastic. This great promotional pen comes with black German ink and you can choose between blakc, blue, red and green for your clip colour.
(Dorma PEN-1071)

Biodegradable pen

Newhaven Eco-logical Pen

Newhaven Eco-Logical Pen is a fantastic ecological pen. The barrel is made from recycled wood pulp and the clip & tip from polished chrome. The pen comes with black German ink. The barrel of the pen can be branded with a print.
(Dorma PEN-1064)

Newhaven eco pens

Eco-logical Pen and Highlighter

This Eco-Logical Pen & Highlighter is a great 2-in-1 pen with a barrel made from 100% recycled paper. This pen comes with black German ink for the pen and a bright highlighter on the back end of the pen. This pen comes in Red, green, blue, orange, yellow and black. Brand the barrel of the pen with a print.
(Dorma PEN-1079)

eco highlighter pen

Eco-logical Stationery Set

This environmentally friendly stationary set contains a wooden pencil, wooden sharpner and eraser and is presented in a corrugated craft carton box. You can brand the box and pencil. 20 ( l ) x 4 ( w )
(Dorma GIFT-9139)

Eco stationery set

Papermate Biodegradable Ball Point and Gel Pens

Papermate Biodegradable pen

Because you can make a difference, PaperMate has launched a new biodegradable pen, which is green at start and finish. The majority of its components are made from a renewable vegetal material, and biodegrade in soil in your backyard. Once its biodegradable components are disassembles and placed in soil, they naturally decompose within a year, producing less waste and more compost.

This pen has super smooth writing performance and is refillable. The pen barrel is durable and high quality, with a comfortable soft touch grip.

Pen Components:

Biodegradable components in soil/compost. The components are made from Mirel a unique biobased material offering the same qualities as traditional plastic. For more information go to

Eco friendly biodegradable pen

Eco friendly biodegradable pen

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