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New!  The STABILO Range of pens are brand new on Logo Pens.

Logo Pens is going to be supplying the fantastic Stabilo Pen range from end September. STABILO is a German pen brand that represents colourful, ground-breaking products and offers quality, innovation and desirable articles.

Recipients are bound to get lasting and enjoyable use from a brand-name product provided as an advertising gift. STABILO has the right writing instrument for every target group and every type of advertising, with European STABILO brand-quality – thus guaranteeing a long-lasting advertising effect.

STABILO products stand for design, trends and lifestyle. This results in innovative and high-quality products perfectly suited to modern lifestyles.

STABILO promotional products enjoy long-standing success as advertising materials. Thanks to the high quality typical for STABILO, they are ideally suited to winning customers' favour cost-effectively, yet individually. Giving a STABILO corporate gift is a sure way of making a good impression on your customers.

Choosing the STABILO brand for your promotion products and corporate gift pens, means choosing high-quality, unique products which provide a guaranteed positive image transfer and a lasting impression. This brand is a great way to advertise your company. After all: STABILO has the solutions to inspire you.