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Desk Pen Sets

These desk pens sets can be stuck to a surface and are sure to never get lost. They are very usefull and great for advertising and make a great corporate gift. 

BIC Solo Desk Pen

A counter pen is a very usefull promotional product. The BIC Solo Desk Pen is a trustworty and stylish desk pen option.This is a classy and professional looking desk pen available in black and white, with ample branding space.

Bank Pen Desk Pens

Brand Innovation Desk Pen Set


Scooby Desk Pen

The Scooby Desk Pen is a bright and colourful desk pen. This pen has a unique design with a space on top for a full colour dome sticker branding.

Scooby Desk Pen

We supply desk pen sets throughout South Africa. Contact us to order your desk pens