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BIC® Classic Clic Promotional Pens

BIC® is a trademark of BIC® Graphic and use herein is by permission from BIC® Graphic.

Brand Innovation is an accredited supplier and distributor of BIC® Graphic imprinted products, BIC® promotional pens, branded pens and printed pens in South Africa.

The promotional BIC® Classiclic Gold ball pen is a very classy and stylish plastic promotional pen. This beautiful pen is refillable and can be reused. You can have a one colour print for your branding. The print size is 35mm x 12mm. Choose between a white or black barrel with gold trims.

The BIC® Classiclic Gold

Bic Classiclic gold pen

Bic Classic Click Pen 

The BIC® Classic Clic Promotional Pen is available in these colours:

Classic Clic Pens Colours

The BIC® Classic Clic pen is an elegant advertising pen and can be branded with your company logo and details. This pen is a great option for hotels or B&Bs. Bellow are the printing spesefications for the BIC® Classic Clic Pen:

BIC Classic Clic printing and branding

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BIC Classic Clic Pen