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The Waterman Edson Pen

Named after the founder Lewis Edson Waterman, this pen is the perfect symbol of the Waterman tradition in innovation. The Waterman Edson pen has a timeless design which is enhanced by a combination of precious resin, gold and platinum surfaces, culminating in the exquisite beauty of the unique nib, which is set into the barrel. This pen is the epitome of luxury, technological gem, and infinitely relaible. The Waterman Edson is a pen, a name and a myth.

Waterman Edson Blue Gold Trim Fountain Pen

Waterman Edson Blue Gold Trim Ball Pen

The dynamic style of this Waterman Pen has a non-leak design that is bold and gives the Waterman Edson a quality unlike other pens. Contact us to order your Waterman Pens

Lewis Edson Waterman, the creator of the first refillable fountain pen, something which we take for granted in today's technology rushed world.

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